Learning Support


Meet our Learning Support Team

Learning Support Coordinators (L.S.Cs) are in every school, intermediate and college in Upper Hutt. They are a part of the Upper Hutt community.

Their job is to work with whānau, teachers, and available agencies, to help support students with their learning and behavioural needs. They can be an advocate for your whānau and your child, and can guide you as you work your way through any available support.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s learning or behaviour, please get in touch with our school’s Learning Support Coordinator, Fiona Derham, fderham@fergusson.school.nz

Wellbeing & Meeting Challenges

Our team is committed to positive well being across our school. Socially, mentally, physically and emotionally.
We have adopted the 5 Ways to Mental Health model and you will see these woven throughout our curriculum, our culture and our practice. We use these, alongside our values, as the foundation of our actions and interactions.

We are also lucky enough to have a BOT funded counsellor on site. Our very successful Meeting Challenges Programme involves working with students individually, or in groups or with parents and whanau. Our counsellor is a huge asset to our school and is incredibly skilled at working alongside young people to support them with the many issues they face at an incredibly challenging time of their physical and mental development.

You can contact our counsellor Ronda Bungay through our school office, or  via email on ronda.bungay@fergusson.school.nz.


Ronda Bungay