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FLOORBALL is a form of Indoor Hockey. Games are run by Activation and played at the The Professionals Recreation Hall (beside H20) on Monday afternoons. Games start at 4pm with the last game finishing at 6.30pm. A teams' game can be scheduled at any time during these hours and can change from week to week. A season is approximately 12 weeks long, and played throughout the school year. No games are played during the School Holidays or on Public Holidays.

A game consists of 2 x 10 minute halves. Teams are made up of a goalie and 3 field players on court, with up to 4 subs who can be subbed on and off the court at any time, but usually a maximum of 6 players per team.

All equipment, FLOORBALL sticks for field players and helmets and knee pads for the goalies will be provided. Goalies may wear gloves if they wish. Students play in PE gear. An extra bonus of playing FLOORBALL is that each player is entitled to a free swim at H2O each week either before or after their game on a Monday!

Currently taking registrations for Term 3 & 4 - See notice below.  

Contact Kelly Wybourne, External Sports Coordinator for further information.

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