Sports at Fergusson


In-school Sports

Lunch Time Sports

Lunchtime sport is organised and led by our ‘Awesome’ Sports Captains and run on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch times. The games are advertised in the morning school notices and everyone is welcome.

Some games require students to make small teams playing an in/out format while other games have two teams.

The sports captains pair up, choose the game they would like to organise and ref. This allows them to develop their leadership and management skills while supported by a duty teacher.

Games are run in the hall, on the courts or field and students can play for some or all of their lunchtime.


Fergy Sports

Fergusson Intermediate believes in providing students with opportunities to participate and experience a range of different sports. The Fergy Sport concept is based on providing students with an opportunity to further refine skills and understanding in a sport of their choice and is an exciting opportunity for classes to challenge each other in a variety of games during terms 1 and 4, the summer/ dryer terms.

Each Friday all the classes go outside at 2pm and play two 25 minute games. Points are awarded for winning, sportsmanship and correct uniform, including a hat. Points are collated and at the end of the term, the class with the most points wins a trophy which is presented during a school assembly.

The games are chosen by the all the sports captains, and the sports captains for each syndicate take turns in setting up the games.


Pā Wars

Pā wars is a whole school event that takes place in Term 1. Pā wars is a mix of fun activities and competitive athletics events. If students meet the standards for competing in Athletics events they have the opportunity to represent their school in Inter-Intermediate Athletics.