General Information


Lunch at School

Tuck Shop Lunch

The school provides a backup service only, so the first preference is for your child
to bring lunch from home.

These items are ordered by putting money in a sealed envelope with the student’s
name, room number and order on the front of the envelope. The envelope is
handed into the office in the morning.

Lunch orders are picked up from the Tuck Shop in the hall at 12.25pm.

Filled Rolls (Chicken/Ham) $5.50
Whole Grain Sandwiches (Chicken/Ham) $5.50
Noodles (Beef/Chicken) $3.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.50

Tuckshop lunch

Tuck Shop Snacks

The items below can be purchased from the tuck shop at 12.35pm

Calci-Yum Milk (Chocolate/Strawberry) $1.50
Juice Tubes  - Frozen (Lemonade, Orange, Tropical & Wildberry) $2.00
Moosies - Frozen (Blue Moon, Chocolate & Lime) $2.00
Popcorn $2.00
Bottled Water $1.50
Coolsips (Passion, Berry) $1.50


We offer school lunches three times a week via Lunchonline, where you can create an online account, order and pay for your child's lunch, and their order will be delivered to school on the specified day.  To view the full menu's available and order please go to

Orders need to be completed by 9am on the day of delivery.

Wednesday's - Sushi Planet
Thursday's - Tricky's Sandwich Co
Friday's - Pita Pit